Contracted Employers through Collective Bargaining Agreements with IATSE Local 748 (hereinafter “Local 748”) have agreed to give preference in hiring to those listed on the Arizona Referral List managed by Local 748. Expressly for this purpose, Local 748 maintains a list of qualified freelance technicians (hereinafter “Referent(s)”) regularly updated and provided to Employers. This list includes the Referent’s contact information, Production City (if selected), as well as qualified job classifications that the Employers use in their hiring process. Having your name placed on the Arizona Referral List does not guarantee you any work.

The Arizona Referral List represents, without discrimination, Local 748 members and non-members alike.  All Arizona Referral List applicants acknowledge and consent to a Referral.  Maintenance Fee of 1.75% of gross contract earnings is charged to all persons working in covered crafts for signatory Employers (employers with IATSE broadcast contracts).  This fee is separate from any Union membership dues and must be paid to Local 748 as an ongoing condition of Referral – the right-to-work state of Arizona considers this fee a reasonable means to share the costs for maintenance and development of Referral System among all that benefit by it.  Union membership is not required to work on union productions in Arizona and inclusion on the list does not entitle any Referent to any Union status.  Accordingly, an applicant whose qualifications have been verified by Local 748 cannot be denied admittance to the list based on their Union membership status.

The Arizona Referral List Maintenance Fee is a continuing financial obligation charged to all Referents on the Arizona Referral List. No portion of the fee may be used for anything that benefits Union members differentially from non-members nor may the fee be used to fund any other state, regional, or national AFL-CIO organization.

For consideration to be added to the Arizona Referral List, Employers must provide Local 748 with name, address, social security number, date of hire and job classification of the applicant. An individual may also apply to the Arizona Referral List by contacting Local 748 Business Representative at to request an Arizona Referral List New Member Application packet.  An applicant is also responsible for submitting a resume, three (3) references (name, phone number and email address) along with the last three (3) shows worked in broadcast television.

Inclusion of an individual on the Arizona Referral List constitutes verification by Local 748 that it has examined the experience and qualifications of that Referent, has determined that the person resides within the State of Arizona (jurisdiction) and is qualified to perform the job(s) indicated. In order to ensure your Production City is correct, Local 748 will refer to Arizona Individual Income Tax Procedure ITP 92-1 requiring you to provide residency documentation.

There are procedures and requirements that you must adhere to in order to have your name included and remain on the Arizona Referral List. Explanation of these procedures and requirements may be found in the Arizona Referral List Policy.  Please read this document carefully and become familiar with the terms listed.

It is your responsibility to keep your address, e-mail, and phone information current with your employer and the local. You can update your information with us through our contact form.

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