Arizona Referral List Policy

ARIZONA REFERRAL LIST POLICY ELIGIBILITY In order to be considered for inclusion or remain on the Arizona Referral List you must have a residence in the State of Arizona. Residency shall be established and supported by providing documents to Local 748 for verification. You are required to submit at least one document from each of the three Groups below:
Valid Arizona Driver’s License Federal records (taxes, social security) Utility bills (gas, electric, water, phone, etc.)
Vehicle records (registration, lease, etc.) State records (deed, property tax, mortgage) Financial records (loan, credit, investments, etc.)
Insurance documents Homeowner or tenant record Internet, cable or satellite records
Employment records Voter Registration Rental agreement or lease

NOTE: Example—three documents from the same Group (utility bill, cable bill and bank statement) constitute only ONE document. Any documents submitted as proof of residence must show customary usage or consumption to demonstrate bona fide continuous habitation as determined by IATSE Local 748, in its sole discretion.


If you fulfill the requirements above and can provide proper documentation listed, for inclusion on the Arizona Referral List you must contact Local 748 Business Representative at or 1-888-610-3342 Ext. 3.

The non-refundable application fee for a new Arizona Referral List applicant is $40. A new member application packet for the Arizona Referral List will be sent for you to complete and return along with your verification documents and the $40 application fee. An applicant is also responsible for submitting a resume, three (3) references (name, phone number and email address) along with the last three (3) shows worked in broadcast television.

As part of the application process your work qualifications will be vetted. You may receive a phone call from Local 748 during the vetting process. This entire investigative process could take three weeks or more. Local 748 will notify you when one of the following three (3) decisions has been made:

  1. Acceptance: Your name will be provided to Employers as an inclusion to the Arizona Referral List.
  2. Temporary Acceptance: Local 748 feels it necessary to examine your qualifications further. Your name will be provided to Employers as a temporary addition for up to 12 months to the Arizona Referral List.
  3. Rejected: Your inclusion to the Arizona Referral List has been denied. Your application fee of $40.00 will not be refunded.


Local 748 maintains the Arizona Referral List on a continuous basis with the list being subject to annual review and renewal. During the annual review and renewal process, all Referents will have to complete and return the Arizona Referral List Renewal Application packet: at which time, the aforementioned residency requirements will apply if there is any change to the Referent’s status.

The current structure for the renewal process is midyear notices sent via United States Postal Service by May 15th, due back to Local 748 by June 15th with all updates to the Arizona Referral List being completed by July 1st. Local 748 reserves the right to adjust the renewal process at its discretion.


An Arizona Referral List maintenance fee of 1.75% of gross contract earnings is charged to all Referents working for Employers and must be paid to Local 748 to remain eligible for Referral.

The 1.75% Arizona Referral List maintenance fee can be paid by either method below:

  1. Employer payroll withholding

    It’s highly recommended the Referent choose the Employer payroll withholding for payment of the fee. In order for the Employer to withhold the fee you must complete an Arizona Referral List maintenance fee deduction authorization card (included in the New Member Application/Renewal Application packets). Employers will deduct 1.75% of gross wages from all applicable paychecks and submit directly to Local 748. Referents will remain on the Arizona Referral List for up to one (1) year unless or until requesting removal or becoming ineligible prior to the expiry or renewal date (whichever comes sooner). Please visit our 1.75% Authorization page under the “Documents” section of the IATSE 748 website to fill out the deduction authorization cards and mail to Local 748.
  2. Invoiced monthly by Local 748 via electronic billing (email).

    If a Referent chooses to be invoiced, he/she agrees to be billed (via email) and pay monthly the 1.75% of gross wages earned while working for Employers directly to Local 748.

    Payments are due within thirty (30) days from the date of billing. If the financial obligation hasn’t been received by Local 748 within thirty (30) days from initial billing, an additional late fee of $10.00 will be assessed and the Referent will receive a delinquent bill notification via email due within fifteen (15) days.

    If a Referent is delinquent, he/she will be notified via email address on record with Local 748. Failure to pay the Arizona Referral List maintenance fee within forty-five (45) days from initial billing will result in removal from the Arizona Referral List. Since all Employers have agreed to give preference of hiring to those on the Arizona Referral List, removal may result in the loss of already booked and/or future contract work.

    It is the responsibility of each Referent to timely pay all Fees owed, regardless whether invoiced monthly or by authorized payroll deductions. Specifically, a Referent’s effort to authorize payroll deductions as well as any history of such payroll deductions being made does not negate his/her responsibility for Fees owed that were not deducted.


A Referent may be removed from the Arizona Referral List:

  1. by Referent’s request;
  2. for non-payment of his/her delinquent Arizona Referral List Maintenance Fee; or
  3. by cessation of the Referral Eligibility Period.

- Every Referent’s listing is finite and will not carry over to following Period –

Application for renewal must be received by Local 748 according to the date(s) in the Applicant Renewal section, above.

It is the responsibility of each Referent to keep your name, address, email, and phone number current with LOCAL 748.

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